Homeschooling on a Shoestring

Here are some very special treats for my homeschooling friends. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Please note that although I’ve used items from of all of these websites, I have not explored everything on every site–and your philosophies may not be the same as mine. Be sure you check everything out before you share it with your children.

Enjoy stories, music and introduction to foreign language:

MP3s of children’s stories from the same old vinyl LPs that I listened to when I was a little girl. Delightful stories, music and foreign language resources. Includes Lauren Bacall reading James Thurber, Danny Kaye–one of the best storytellers ever, and much more. This is a treasure trove.

Mrs. Mappin’s German and Geography:

Two of my children attended Mrs. Mappin’s Geography class and we’ve also used her resources for homeschool geography study. She does a great job!

HomeGeography, Latitude and LongitudeLandforms ActivityLandforms Map Tests and Blank Maps

Go around the world with Rick Steves:

Example: Hallstadt, an ancient salt-mining town. Sift through these and find what interests you.

Learn languages for free.

Almost any book published in the U.S. before 1929 can be found at the Gutenberg Project website.

Find many more books on every subject at

And, specifically for kids, Wikijunior.

There are fun science experiments at Candy Experiments.

Find clean, compelling movies on almost every topic at Zion Tube.

U.S. History “Liberty’s Kids” may be found on Netflix and  YouTube.

U.S. History on “American Ride” with Stan Ellsworth, new season begins this April on KBYU.

Online History and Civics classes from Hillsdale College.

Online “All in One” Curriculum EasyPeasy

“Learn almost anything for free” at Khan Academy.

And here is a Robinson Curriculum reading list.

Don’t forget about the local library, museums, kids museums, theaters, historical sites and the great outdoors (and don’t forget your sketch books).

Happy learning!


About Kristen Chevrier

Kristen Chevrier is married to Brian Chevrier. They are the parents of five awesome children. Kristen began researching home schooling twenty-two years ago, when her first child was six months old, and fell in love with the idea. Kristen received her MA in English from Brigham Young University. She has taught Freshman English at BYU and has taught Theater, History, English Literature and Composition for private schools and groups of home schooled teens. Most of all she enjoys being with her family. She is very comfortable with home schooling, but blogging is a new adventure.
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