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Lists of books that we love. Some are arranged by age group and others by genre (example: Historical Fiction).

“The Good and the Beautiful” by Jenny Phillips

This material is wonderful for families looking for wholesome, uplifting ways to supplement their children’s education. Video overview and curriculumĀ available here. Thank you, Jenny. KSC

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Great Idea: Tutorial on Printing and Binding Ebooks

Do you like the price tag on ebooks but dislike reading books electronically? Here is the solution to that problem. Very cool! KSC

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Loving Learning with Living Books

My plea is…that the young people shall learn what history is, what literature is, what life is, from the living books of those who know. –Charlotte Mason Few things compare with cuddling on the couch with my children reading a … Continue reading

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Suggested Books for Geography Study

Thank you to Diana Hooper for compiling this list of living books for Geography studies. (Note: Diana has read all of these with her family and feels that they are clean and appropriate for grades 5 and up, but different … Continue reading

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