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Thank you, United States Department of Education!

Astounding! These breathtakingly irresponsible people want your child’s personal information. We can’t go backward and “un-leak” the information, but we can go forward and replace our errant elected officials with leaders who will: get rid of the Department of Education … Continue reading

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Challenges Created by Non-Traditional Unions

(I have chosen my words carefully and will edit comments accordingly.  –Kristen) In light of the current discussion in the Supreme Court and all over facebook, I would like to share some information with you. There are a lot of … Continue reading

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Scripture, Song and Prayer

After Brian and I were married in California, we drove across the country for a southern reception. Then we spent a month visiting friends and family on the east coast. While we were visiting my brother and his little family … Continue reading

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Legislative Ratings can be Deceptive

Utah just finished its legislative session. Various factions are now releasing their legislative ratings. Please do not let someone else determine the rating you give your legislator. People who create ratings have their own political philosophies and agendas that may not … Continue reading

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Awesome work by “The Educational Freedom Coalition”!

Thanks to “The Educational Freedom Coalation” who took my list and added a lot more companies to it. They have personally contacted almost all of the companies they have listed. (I have not yet reviewed this complete list. I will … Continue reading

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Essays are Easy

Writing is the best way to become able thinkers and effective leaders. “The inability to communicate powerfully puts our children at the mercy of those whose skills may be strong but whose ideas and passions are evil.” –Rosalie Slater The … Continue reading

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Nurture Body and Soul with Naturally Leavened Bread

Homeschooling is about nurturing the whole person–the body and the soul. Naturally leavened bread seems to be much healthier for the body than bread made with commercial yeast and it is definitely good for the soul. People with gluten issues, candida and … Continue reading

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Loving Learning with Living Books

My plea is…that the young people shall learn what history is, what literature is, what life is, from the living books of those who know. –Charlotte Mason Few things compare with cuddling on the couch with my children reading a … Continue reading

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Common Core Data Tracking: Michelle Malkin

I have three major issues with Common Core: centralization of power over education dumbing down and politicizing curriculum data tracking In this fourth installment on Common Core, Michelle Malkin addresses data tracking. While many Americans worry about government drones in … Continue reading

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More from Michelle Malkin on Common Core

It can be a little overwhelming trying to understand all the intricacies and implications of Common Core. Unfortunately, if we value our educational liberty it is critical that we gain at least a basic understanding of this and other issues. … Continue reading

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