Thank you, United States Department of Education!

Astounding! These breathtakingly irresponsible people want your child’s personal information.

We can’t go backward and “un-leak” the information, but we can go forward and replace our errant elected officials with leaders who will:

  • get rid of the Department of Education (think of the tax dollars we could save)
  • ensure that our educational decisions are made locally–as in school districts, not state school boards (more savings)
  • get our student information out of data-bases and get us out of Common Core

Our state and federal leaders need to stand up for our rights as states, communities and individuals. The purpose of government is to protect the interests of the people it serves.

We need to stand up and insist that our leaders stand up. There is no time like the present.

Education Department helps leak students’ personal data


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Kristen Chevrier is married to Brian Chevrier. They are the parents of five awesome children. Kristen began researching home schooling twenty-two years ago, when her first child was six months old, and fell in love with the idea. Kristen received her MA in English from Brigham Young University. She has taught Freshman English at BYU and has taught Theater, History, English Literature and Composition for private schools and groups of home schooled teens. Most of all she enjoys being with her family. She is very comfortable with home schooling, but blogging is a new adventure.
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