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Find out what is happening now that may affect your freedom to home school.

Legislative Ratings can be Deceptive

Utah just finished its legislative session. Various factions are now releasing their legislative ratings. Please do not let someone else determine the rating you give your legislator. People who create ratings have their own political philosophies and agendas that may not … Continue reading

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Awesome work by “The Educational Freedom Coalition”!

Thanks to “The Educational Freedom Coalation” who took my list and added a lot more companies to it. They have personally contacted almost all of the companies they have listed. (I have not yet reviewed this complete list. I will … Continue reading

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Common Core Data Tracking: Michelle Malkin

I have three major issues with Common Core: centralization of power over education dumbing down and politicizing curriculum data tracking In this fourth installment on Common Core, Michelle Malkin addresses data tracking. While many Americans worry about government drones in … Continue reading

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More from Michelle Malkin on Common Core

It can be a little overwhelming trying to understand all the intricacies and implications of Common Core. Unfortunately, if we value our educational liberty it is critical that we gain at least a basic understanding of this and other issues. … Continue reading

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Popular Home School Curricula and Common Core

After learning that some very popular home school curricula have aligned their programs with Common Core, I decided to do some research. I have a list of some of the curriculum companies and their current CCSS status (below). Please read my post … Continue reading

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What is Common Core, how will it affect home schoolers and what can I do about it?

There is a lot about Common Core that nobody knows yet, since we are waiting for curricula to be written, standardized tests to be adapted and there have been no test cases to see what the results of the program … Continue reading

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Home Schooled Teens Outperform Peers in College

Among the many benefits of home schooling is the lack of the burnout that plagues a fair number of traditionally schooled kids. Home schooled kids are often allowed to follow their own interests and learn skills that support those interests, … Continue reading

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Math Standards and Common Core: Does it all add up?

“…Stanford University professor James Milgram, the only mathematician on the validation panel, concluded that the Common Core math scheme would place American students two years behind their peers in other high-achieving countries. In protest, Milgram refused to sign off on … Continue reading

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Do you want to continue to exercise the right to home school? If so, educate yourself and then stand up and be counted.

From Oak Norton, a long-time advocate of excellent education: The Obama administration is actively seeking to deport a German family who has refugee status in the U.S. because they homeschool, which is illegal in Germany. The Obama Justice Department says … Continue reading

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It could never happen in the United States of America!

When I was a child, my parents told me about parents in the Soviet Union who had to re-teach their children when they returned each day from government indoctrination at school. As an adult I have studied this in greater detail … Continue reading

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